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EcoStructures are designed to sell at $150-$175 per square foot, or about $70,000 per module. Detailed breakdown is in a downloadable pdf on the AFFORDABLE page, or discuss options at your visit or test drive. There are many options included in the model which may be not included initially, but allowed for later. These would include solar photovoltaic panels, wind turbine, gravity fed rain water harvesting, home automation, exterior automatic shutters, geothermally linked heating and cooling, and composting and gray water systems. Energy conservation techniques that pay for themselves quickly and are durable and maintenance-free will be standard features—super-insulated exterior shell, ventilation for healthy interior environment, use of materials that have recycled content and have been produced in an environmentally responsible way, and efficient use of water and electricity. Solar heated hot water, radiant hot water heat, and passive solar air heating are alternate energy systems that have a good return on investment and would be always recommended.

Come visit the model to see the many green features such as in this view of kitchen in the main module:
Passive solar 4-pane glass wall on left
Spiral staircase connects 3 floors
FSC maple in floors, cabinets and countertop penninsula
Countertop around sink and stove are stained concrete embedded with recycled glass.
Energy star appliances and induction cooktop
Reverse osmosis water, garbage disposal connected to composter

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