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Our Big Ideas

for link to video produced by Chuck Klein for WV Public Broadcasting on EcoStructures, click here

Our existence on this planet depends on living sustainably—so it should be affordable.
A smaller footprint can be achieved with the creature comforts that technology and innovation bring to home design at a price that is within reach of typical homebuyers.

Our answer is a modular home system that is near zero-energy, off-grid (or on-grid for net-metering), containing maximum storage and multi-use spaces. It is flexible, portable, comfortable and can be put anywhere. It will also be available in any size and layout from cottage to full size home. It has many features that go beyond platinum level LEED-H certification.




Directions to the Model

Take University Ave Exit (155) on
I-79. If travelling north, take right
(or East) to 2nd traffic light.
Left turn on 19N.
Go approximately 4.5 miiles to
Rt 100 on right. Take this right on
Rt 100 three miles to Lazelle School
Rd. Turn left up the hill 1 mile+.
Look for the Post&Beam
sign which marks Crafts Run road
and take a right for a quarter mile.
Turn left at the next Post&Beam sign
at the driveway.
You will see the EcoMod model on
your right.